We are looking for Team Managers, Drivers, Crew and Cleaners.

Natural Event has paid and volunteer positions at festivals and events in the UK from May to September. The collective name for the gang is ‘The Poo Crew’!

Crew are to assemble and dissemble our flat packing compost loo system, and maintain them during the events. Training is given, but moderate fitness and strength, plus practical aptitude are a must. We are also after crew with plant, heavy vehicle and trailer licenses. Work during the season is also probable in our Somerset depot, preparing equipment and loading trucks.

Cleaners work during the events, some coming a day or two early, and staying post-event

Who are you?

Well firstly someone who likes festivals. You have an interest in environmental living and practice, support the arts, might like painting, and enjoy physical work. You are practical, organized & capable of working in a team environment, leading at times and following instructions where necessary. You can handle the pressure of deadlines, and are willing to work to meet the need. You might play music yourself, but definitely enjoy traveling and camping with friends old and new. You need to be able to handle compliments given to you by random members of the public if they know you are on the Poo Crew. You like laughter. Any extension on standard driver’s license, or machinery operator tickets are beneficial.

If you think you have any of these qualities and want to join the Poo Crew, please get in touch through the form below or email us.


Positions available mostly from October – April in southern states
May – August in North Qld

United Kingdom

Positions available mostly from May – September


To express your interest in a season long crew, casual crew or cleaner position –  please get in touch through this form.

Unites States

Stay tuned…