The Poo Crew Application!

Glastonbury, BoomTown plus loads more.

We are looking for our Poo Crew for the upcoming UK festival season.

The collective name for the gang is ‘The Poo Crew.’ The right people can expect to be a part of a busy tight crew, with possibilities of years of work ahead all over the world.

Who are you?

Being part of our Poo Crew will suit people who give a shit about making a difference. You don’t have to be a greenie, but we have zero positions for nobs and rednecks… You are practical, organized & capable of working in a team environment, leading at times and following instructions where necessary. You can handle the pressure of deadlines, and are willing to work to meet the need. You should definitely enjoy traveling and camping with friends old and new. You need to be able to handle compliments given to you by random members of the public if they know you are on the Poo Crew.

The Jobs:

We have paid positions for the hard work jobs like cleaning/sanitation, lorry drivers, and construction crew. We have volunteer positions in exchange for entry to some of the most sought after, high ticket price and sold-out festivals in the UK. Toilet construction crew are usually needed a week or two before the events, and cleaners are usually required to arrive on the Wednesday of ‘show week’ and leave on the Monday post-event. We pay either hourly and day rates, at standard industry rates. Volunteer hours are required to cover the equivalent hours to the value of the ticket price. Read about the Cleaning Crew duties here:

The Deal:

For season-long crew we hope to be able to offer you a roster that strikes a balance between optimizing your pay, giving you time off to rest and to be able to enjoy some of the festivals you’re working on. As our season plan is always ‘in flux’ and our bookings shift and alter, a main requirement for our season long staff is to be willing to be flexible and responsive to changing circumstances. All paid positions are under casual employment terms unless otherwise negotiated. For paid cleaner positions we try to maximize the amount of hours you get allocated to make the job ‘worth your while’. If volunteering with NEE on our highly sought after festivals, the ‘deal’ is that you will need to do the equivalent hours to the ticket price, divided by our hourly wage.  Fill out the form below if you are interested in being part of the Poo Crew!