Since 2009 Natural Event has developed and delivered the ‘Dunny Door’ program in schools. The program encourages integration with regional community festivals through the context of local and global sustainability issues, via the dunny door. Using the door as a canvas we provide the opportunity for the class to send their environmental message or inspiration to their community through their artwork on the toilets
‘We have just completed our 3rd Dunny Door project with Natural Event, and it continues to grow from strength to strength. Art is a great vehicle for community engagement across many values and borders. Its universal language allows young people of all ages to express everything from their most practical ideas to their wildest dreams. Certainly we have seen this demonstrated across the entire spectrum as children from schools all over Knox – and this year in our pre-schools also – communicate about sustainability and biodiversity through Dunny Doors. The combination of in-school incursions, worms, poo, songs and stories, culminating in an art installation at one of our major community festivals, Stringybark, has created a compelling combination of information and creativity that has real potential to inform and create change.’ Malcolm Russell – Knox Shire Council (Dec 2011)
Natural Event’s skilled and knowledgeable staff cover a breadth of concepts and topics pitched accordingly to the level of the class. These include linking human habitation full circle to the water, soil & food chains through the composting of organic materials including ‘POO’.