Natural Event has compact flat packing, highly transportable infrastructure made ready for development on short notice. We can support immediate, short and medium term sanitation needs facilitate the development of longer-term integrated community solutions. Emergency response can be required in any community, however the impacts in the developing world are often more severe and prolonged.
Emergency Sanitation ( Short Term / Rapid Response ) – Acute Situation
When a natural event such as flooding, earthquakes, storms and fire, cause displacement and destruction to communities, the whole of society is traumatised. From the fires of drought stricken Victoria, the flooding of Queensland or Pakistan to earthquakes in Christchurch or Haiti, effective sanitation provision is often slow or inadequate to meet the needs of the devastated community and remaining infrastructure. As people deal with the primacy and the impact of a catastrophe the importance of effective and safe sanitation is often lower in the stakes of priority. However, for short to medium term recovery it is vital that safe and effective sanitation is in place to avoid a second wave of disaster through sickness and disease.Natural Events’ system and infrastructure is highly appropriate to provide; safe, effective and dignified sanitation solutions within this context. The durability and adaptability of its design sets it apart from other solutions which may be limited by access, site conditions and reliance on other infrastructure for cartage and safe treatment of the ‘waste’.
Integrated Community Solutions (Long Term) – Chronic Situation
Natural Event is providing support, advice and consultancy to Eco-San efforts in IDP Camps (internally displaced persons), Green Schools and new housing developments in Haiti following the devastating earthquake of January 2010. As the severity of the crisis changes from acute to chronic so does the context of the sanitation systems. Ultimately Eco-San within Haiti needs to encompass economic agricultural and community development to stand free of the reliance of ongoing relief support and funding.Natural Event is a key partner with Give Love , an NGO founded by Patricia Arquette, in Haiti and is working to develop sanitation systems that will create enterprise surrounding the innate value of this humic resource.Natural Event also has a partnership with Susana-Design, an inspirational business minded foundation in Norway, that is doing great sanitation and community enhancement work in Uganda and Kenya.
Toilet Twinning

Natural Event is proud to support Toilet Twinning, who is a simple, quirky way to solve a serious problem and save lives.

Toilet Twinning provides people in the poorest communities on the planet with a decent toilet, clean water and all the information they need to stay healthy. It’s the key to helping whole communities break free of the poverty trap. How does it work? For just £60, you can twin your loo with a latrine halfway around the world, in a country of your choosing. For £240, you can twin with a school block.

Your smallest room becomes the proud owner of a personalised certificate, complete with a colour photo of its twin and GPS coordinates so you can look up your twin on Google Maps.