World Leader

Natural Event is the world leader in waterless, odour free, composting toilet solutions for festivals, events and gatherings where people poo.


Natural Event helps events to become a natural event, by treating the natural event as a natural event!

Instant Cities

There are many proven composting toilet options for the home and domestic situations. Natural Event takes this to an entirely new level and market – instant cities!

Alternative Environmental Toilet Systems

Natural Event offers complete hire of cubicles and urinals and can also tailor design a system to suit particular conditions and various site requirements. Natural Event can provide plans and designs for permanently installed systems offering absolute peace of mind to event managers who are clear that their event will continue at the same site.
By using Natural Event, festivals make a clear statement that they have had enough of the ever dreaded port a loo. The days are over where you expect cramped stinking boxes or over flowing trucks. Now there is no need to use harmful chemicals to store or treat toilet waste.

Alternative Environmental Toilet Systems

Natural Event can provide for any size need, from a single loo, to enough to suit an army! In the natural world there is no such thing as ‘waste’. All organisms degrade and have their intrinsic nutrients taken up by other life forms. Nature provides the ultimate example of recycling. Natural Event replicates the rain forest floor in recycling organic material and nutrients. By combining human toilet deposits with a carbon based bulking material and oxygen, Natural Event creates an environment where a previous environmental and health issue becomes magnificent soil conditioner.

A Natural Event system allows a festival to improve the property it is on rather that cause an over all negative impact