Natural Event assists event managers in becoming leaders in minimal environmental impact

Natural Event is a premiere system for premiers events

Save 100% of water use

Users no chemicals in treatment process

Requires no energy at all during treatment

End product may be applied to improve soil conditions

We do not need to use drinking water to flush. We use no chemicals. We only use recycled paper. If urine cannot be stored or treated on site then we reduce by 90% volumes taken away by suck trucks.

Whole Festival Environmental Improvements

Natural Event offers much experience and consultancy in creating the entire festival to be a natural event. We take the hierarchy of RE USEREDUCE and RECYCLE to all elements of an event. This can include preparing a brief for stallholders to arranging for recycling systems for packaging produced during the event. In particular, Natural Event aims to integrate all organic ‘waste’ streams into onsite composting and worm farms thus minimising the amount of ‘rubbish’ being taken to landfill.